Creating new method, villagers arrested in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Creating new method, the Burmese Border Guard Police (BGP) arrested six innocent villagers from Maungdaw north on September 27, over the allegation that they had linked with Rohingya Solidarity Organization (RSO), a rebellion group of Burmese Government, Shoffee (not real name) , a village leader preferring not to be named.  “On September 25, in the morning, a group of army went to Burma- Bangladesh border and made two separate small groups and fought each other group about 15 minutes pretending as they met a suspected armed group at the border.”

On September 27, Radio Free Asia (RFA) released a news about a fight between BGP and a suspected armed group on September 26, at the Burma-Bangladesh border, nearby pillar Nos. 46-47, about 15 minutes but, there were no casualties in both sides.

As a result, on September 28, the Burma police chief U Soe Maine also informed to RFA that three RSO members were arrested by BGP at BGP headquarters checkpost.

According to local sources, the three persons were going to Maungdaw from their villages, the BGP arrested them after checking their family lists which had no stamp of participated in so-called population data collection at BGP headquarters checkpost. But, the BGP inked them members of RSO. The arrested persons are; – Yasein Arafat from Kaladayfa village,  a person from Thit Htonena Khwasone ( Riazuddin Para) and another person from Taman Thar(Shab Bazar).

Later, at the night of September 27, the BGP personnel arrested six innocent villagers including religious leaders from nearby Bawli Bazar under the Maungdaw Township. They are innocent villagers and had no linked with RSO. They were arrested only because they did not participate in so-called population data collection or census, said a local trader who denied to be named.

The arrested villagers were identified as Malana Syed Alam , 34, son of Sultan Ahmed from Mingyi Ywa (Tola Toli),Malana Abdullah, 30,from Wed Kyain ( Wed Kyaung),Malana Shakar from PadaKha Daiwanali (Garata Bill),Warass, 29, son of Hamid Hussin  and Master Tayub, 32 from Kaladayfa village, were brought to Maungdaw police station where police are trying to frame case against them, said another relative of the victims.

Similarly, the BGP arrested more than six persons from Taman Thar village on September 28 and tortured in Aung Tha Pay BGP camp and sent to Maungdaw police station where they were inked as RSO members, said Hashim from Maungdaw north.

Today, Police produced 20 Rohingya including four females in Maungdaw court for remand and court grant a week. Now they 20 Rohingyas were kept in four miles riot police headquarters for interrogation, according to an officer from court relative who denied to be named.

The villagers are living in their villages with fear because of arrest by BGP personnel in anytime implicating with RSO, said Ahmed Hussein, an elder  from Maungdaw.

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