Security force killed one, more injure for rejecting the so-called population data collection program in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Security force – Burma border guard police, army and police – had killed one and more injured today for rejecting the so-called population data collection program in Lound Don village under Maungdaw north, said Ahmed Hussion, an elder from the village.
The security force deployed around the village of Lound Don for so-called population data collection program and the security force harassed – beating, arresting and attacked the female – Rohingya villagers who were met with them.  For these reason, the villagers moved to the security force to explain or to settle the event. But, the security force open fired to the villagers, where one Rohingya –Zahid Hussin, son of Abul Hussin (Ex- village headman) killed on the spot and two more villagers injured, Ahmed said.

The villagers become angry and attacked the security force and there was a clash between villagers and security force. The security force fired more to divide the villagers where more villagers injured, said Nazam, a school teacher said. “The security force fired to the villagers not to the air.”

The Maungdaw high level authority ordered the army to deploy around the Kyein Chaung (Boli Bazar), Lound Don, Labowzarr and Ngar Khura and the army forced the villagers to bring their family list for so-called population data collection program. Even the person is going to market, sitting in his shop, working on the paddy field, on the bus going to Maungdaw market and who ever met with them. The army only asked to bring the family list by someone   and checked all the paper and released, Nazam said.

The villagers become panic and run away from their villages, then the army entered the villages where started looting valuable goods from the homes and attempt to rape the females, Nazam more added.

Similarly, the security force set on fire the houses of Rohingya from Labowzarr village yesterday night and broke the door to enter in the houses where the force looted all the money, family lists, white cards and gold which ever they got in the homes, said Harron , a shopkeeper from the village.

The male villagers runway from the village when they saw the security force entered the village, but all the females were in the village, Haroon said.

The authority started on high point to harass the Rohingya community to participate the so-called population data collection program which was denied by Rohingyas for tagging “Illegal entering Bengali list” and using the race as “Bengali” in the name of “Rohingya”. The authority imposed restriction on Rohingya social and livelihood – work, travel, education, marriage and health- which we need daily for our survival, said Nur Mohamed at the meeting with authority and Rohingya community in Maungdaw middle school on August 27 at about 4:30pm.

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