Traffic police officer extorts money from Rohingya vehicles’ owners

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Traffic police officer-Aung Khin Than- extorted 200,000 kyat and one million kyats from Rohingya vehicles’ owners on August 24, said Hamidul Rahaman, an elder from Maungdaw.
Traffic police officer- Aung Khin Than- extorted 200,000kyats from Shwe Maung alias Nurul Islam hailed from Shwezarr village, the owner of Super Customs registered number 3B-3056 on August 24, without giving any reason, Hamidul Rahaman said.

Similarly, without license, the number plate is 7B-3546 owned by Ayub Khan son of Putu , hailed from Block number 1, bumped against the wall of Trader association compound  which was repaired by his father. But, the traffic police officer Aung Khin Than extorted one million kyat from Ayub for no registration and bumped the wall said Ayub, the owner said.

The without license vehicles are selling in Maungdaw by Rakhine vehicles brokers which brought from Akyab. It was not allow in the Akyab and the traffic officer from Maungdaw is taking huge money to run on the road. There are more than 20 vehicles in Maungdaw, only  eight vehicles were owned by Rohingyas and had given to traffic  officer  first time 500,000 kyat each and it was going to extort money from them after six months but no money was taken from Rakhine owned vehicles, said Rashid Ahmed, a  member of vehicles association.

The officer are extorting money from Rohingyas who have all the documents and also number plates, Rashid said.

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