Authority impose restriction on Rohingyas’ social, livelihood in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Authority from Maungdaw district had imposed restriction on Rohingyas’ social and livelihood after denying to participate the so-called population data collection program, said Halim, a Human Rights Watchdog from Maungdaw.
We are facing so many restriction on social and livelihood – work, travel, education, marriage and health- which we need daily  for our survival, said Nur Mohamed at the meeting with authority and Rohingya community in Maungdaw middle school on August 27 at about 4:30pm.

The Burma Border security Police (BGP) population data collection program director Aung Soe and other immigration officers met Rohingya community from block number two, where more than 100 Rohingyas participated on it. In the meeting two Rohingyas – Nur Mohamed and Abu Taher – delivery an explanation on Rohingya and its background. They also asked the officer that the Rohingyas are facing difficult to participate the so-called population data collection program for using the headline “Illegal entering Bengali list” which was not accepted by Rohingya. The Rohingya also said all the activities for community survival are stopped by authority, said Halim.

The two Rohingya explained the officers that Rohingyas are not just entered in Burma, but living in the areas century long ago. Their generation – grand grandfather, grandfather and father- had served in government service and Rohingya  was recognized as ethnic  in the period of U Nu government, Rohingyas enjoyed in the parliament  till now. But, now the government is saying us “Bengali” in name of “Rohingya”. How we accept the name Bengali and to participate the so-called population data collection program, Halim more added.

The two Rohingya, on behalf of Rohingya community, handed over the printed booklets to the officers after explained about the Rohingya and its background, Halim more added.
The officer Aung Soe said we will open all for you, if you join the so-called population data collection program. It is only we are counting the population, no mention any race. We will come next to collect the data, it is up to you to join or not. We will give you to visit to Bangladesh with border pass if you joined the process with showing your family lists. You will get all facility for your survival if you join the process.

The so-called  Rohingya leaders ;- U Aung Myo Min (a) Master Jangir , the Regain and State Parliament member; U Aman Ullah, Lawyer; Dr. Nawzumaddin; Dr. Hla Myint,U Sadek from block 5; Azim Ullah from block 2 and Mujee Ullah from block 2 were also joined in the meeting. They all are from Maungdaw, said Mohamed Ibarahin from Maungdaw. “The so-called Rohingya leaders are also the collaborators of government and trying to participate the so-called population data collection with identification of “Bengali”.”

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