Army destroy betel farms of Rohingya in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Amy of Marawaddy (Sommonia Rakhine village) destroyed betel farms of Rohingya on August 24, at Maungdaw south in Arakan state, said one of the betel farmers preferring not to be named.    “On that day, at about 11; 00 AM, a group of army from Marawaddy camp went to the betel farms of Rohingyas, which had been set up nearby forest and destroyed six betel farms without giving any reason to the owners. After destroying, they took away bamboos and small wood with the cooperation of Natala villagers.”

The army also arrested two Rohingas who were working there in the betel farms and they were severely beaten up by the army. They are identified as — two brothers namely Abdu Monaf and Abdul Hamid of Khonja Bill village, said Mannan from the locality.

Besides, on June 18, 22, army personnel from Marawaddy army out-post also destroyed betel farms of Rohingya in Maungdaw south. They have been destroying our betel farms since 3rd week of June, 2014, said another betel farm owner who denied to be named.

“We are very disappointed regarding our poverty because of losing everything since 2014,” said a village elder on condition of anonymity.

“The local authority has been destroying the properties of Rohingya villagers’ is a systematic and planned way for uprooting Rohingya community’s livelihood from Arakan soil,” said a local youth.

The owner of the betel farms are identified as— Abdu Monaf (45), son of Kala Meah; Basu Meah(50), son of Ngagu; Mohamed Nazair ( 50), son of Abdu Matalab; Fetan Ali     ( 47), son of Bodi Rahman; Delu (50), son of Abdul Ghani and  Sayed Karim (45), son of Masan.

There is no security of Rohingya’s properties whether it is move able or unmovable, in Arakan State, a businessman from the locality said.

A local trader said, “It is not the duty of army, why are they involving in destroying public properties of Rohingyas in Arakan state?

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