Burma-Bangladesh border on red-alert for Brain Fever

Teknaf, Bangladesh:  Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) has become red-alert at Bangladesh-Burma border because of outbreak of a new virus called “Brain Fever” in Arakan State recently, according to BGB source.


Teknaf Landport
The Brain Fever is an infection caused by a virus or bacteria that results in inflammation of the brain. Brain fever is also called encephalitis. A person can be exposed by an insect bite such as a mosquito, inhalation of air that has been affected by a person that has it, eating infected food or drinking an infected drink or even by skin contact. The mosquito Culex tritaeniorhynchus are however, the best vectors of the disease, according to website “http://www.creepycrawlies.info.”

“On August 12, the concerned authorities of Bangladesh – health and security- informed to public along the border and formed three medical teams to check up the patients and other people who come to Bangladesh through land-port from Maungdaw district, Arakan state.”

“Mostly Rohingyas come to Bangladesh from Burma for better treatment because of no medical facility in Arakan State, Burma, especially for Rohingya community.”

The Bangladesh health authority and BGB of Burma-Bangladesh border got information of outbreak of new virus “Brain Fever”, which spread in Arakan, according to BGB official.

Lt. Col. Saiful Islam Kondakar of BGB Battalion No. 17 and Lt. Col. Abuzar Al Zahid of Teknaf Battalion 42 yesterday announced about the new virus “Brain Fever” along the border area, BGB official more added.

The BGB officers also told its troops to be alert along the border areas and  stop  Burmese nationals are not able to cross Burma-Bangladesh border illegally , BGB official further said.

 Teknaf local boat jetty

The afore said  medical  teams  check  up every patient  and ordinary people who come at Teknaf land-port and other parts of border, Doctor Moklasur Rahaman Khan of Cox’s Bazar Civil Surgeon  said.

When asked a village doctor at Maungdaw, he said that he got information as rumor but didn’t see any symptom. Regarding this, the Burmese government also did not give any information to the public.

When the Brain Fever effected to anyone, the first symptoms to arise are flu like symptoms that are mild. In a severe case, symptoms may be: High fever, Vomiting, Drowsiness, Severe headaches, Sensitivity to light, Occasional stiffness of the neck and back, unsteady gait, Seizures, Irritation, Reduced control over temper, Clumsiness, Confusion, according to website http://www.creepycrawlies.info.

Emergency symptoms of Brain Fever are: Unconsciousness, Sudden severe weakness in muscles, Paralysis, Seizures, Loss of memory, Inflexibility, Extreme depression,
Extreme self-centeredness, the website more said.

The most dangerous aspect about the brain fever is the rapid speed with which the child’s condition worsens soon after the onset of the disease. High fever, unbearable headache, recurrent vomiting, and loss of consciousness occur in rapid succession in cases with brain fever, according to http://www.hindustantimes.com, website.

The best form of prevention of Brain Fever is to avoid mosquito bites as best possible and to make sure that any pets are vaccinated.Treatment is to give support and symptomatic relief including nutrition, fluids, rest and emotional support, according to website http://www.creepycrawlies.info.

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