Police extorting money from Rohingya in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Police personnel from Maungdaw police station led by Superintendent Khin Win are forcefully extorting money from Rohingya community with allegation of drug trafficking since August 5, said Anwer Hussion, a student from Maungdaw.
The Maungdaw police extorted 200,000 kyat from a female named Shamaruk, daughter of Gaffor from Ali para under block number 2, for house gutting by fire on August 9, Anwer said.

Ms. Shamaruk stated to the police that she rushed to her father home after hearing death of her father while she was cooking foods. The upper side of home was destroyed by fire and the lower part was save by rain. But, the police tried to convince her, to say the house was set on fire by someone. She refused to say it. This is a technique to harass Rohingya to extort money, said Ibarahim, an elder from the village.

At the last, the police extorted 200,000 kyat from her for not cooperating their plan to accuse someone where the police can extort money from them, Ibarahim said.

Similarly, police personnel accused Zubir, a tea shop owner from block number 5, as drug trafficker and arrested his whole family – his wife, daughter, son and son-in-law on August 5 at about 2:00pm, said Hamid, a trader  from the village.

The police demanded for releasing 5 million kyat and they were released on August 10, after receiving their demanded money, Hamid sad.

Besides, police personnel arrested two female – Mawnira and Dilnowas- from Khikanpin (Kawa Bil) village with allegation of drug trafficking connection of their family head on August 6 at about 5:00pm, said Hakhim Ali, an elder from the village.

When the young lady Mawnira arguing police for allegation and they were not trafficker and not to want to go police station, the police personnel pressed her neck and pushed her into the ground, Hakhim said. Later the family released them from the police station after paying 2 million kyat, hakhim more added.

The police personnel are given the order by high level officer to harass Rohingya community by anyway and extort money from them as the Rohingya community are not participating in so-called population data collection, said an officer who denied to be named. “The high level officers told at the village admin officer meeting in Maungdaw Township admin office hall and public meeting that government will harass and destroy in their livestock, business, movement and etc.”

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