New method for so-called population data collection process in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The Maungdaw district officers are changing their methods and systems to force Rohingya to join so-called population data collection process program since August 1, according to Nurul Hamid, a village administration officer from Maungdaw.
The Maungdaw township administration officer, U Kyi San, Burma border guard police (BGP) director Tin Ko Ko, and its officers had given the direction to Village admin officers to organize their villagers to participate in so-called population data collection process at bi-monthly village admin officer meeting in Maungdaw Township office on August 1, Nurul said.

The BGP officials and Township admin officer said they will issue letters to all villages of influence persons to join in so-called population data collection process and the official started it on August 5 and are starting to harass and disturbing the Rohingya community for so-called population data collection process, said Halim, a Human Rights watchdog from Maungdaw.

On August 9, 30 letters for block number 2, 13 letters for Maung Ni village, 20 letters for Myoma Khayoundan village,  20 letters for Aley Than Kyaw, some villages of south and north also issued to Rohingyas who are influence in the villages, Halim said.
The block number 2 admin officer –U  Yousuf – had collected the family lists of influence persons who named were appeared on the letters and today, U Yousuf sat with together the Immigration officers at his office where they fill out the Forms without the head of the family persons, Halim said.

But, in Myoma Khayoungdan village, the influence persons to whom the letters were issued asked the officers without race “Rohingya”, will not participate the so-called population data processing program. The officers who went to collect the data said Rohingya was not recognized by President U Than Sein, so they are not able to collect data with race named “Rohingya”.  The name “Rohingya” was recognized by before all the head of the country and Rohingya language was released in the stated run Radio station, Rohingya history was published in several book during last state administration time and now you are refusing the term “Rohingya” who live in this land since century long ago, said Hasu Meah , an elder from the village.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, in Burma’s capital for the ASEAN Regional Forum, met Thein Sein and discussed into “quite a few details” about the situation in Rakhine state and the minority Muslim Rohingya community, in particular, the designation of the term “Bengali” which the Rohingya see as underscoring an assertion they are illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, even though many have lived in western Burma for generations, said a senior State Department official. “To force any community to accept a name they consider to be offensive is to invite conflict, and if the goal is to prevent conflict, then it is better the name issue should be set aside.”

The senior State Department official said there was no resistance from Thein to discussing the issues. But, “We don’t deny there are some challenges that we are facing and we are moving toward the right direction and we’re trying our best to overcome these challenges,” U Ye Htut, the minister of information and spokesperson of President U Thein Sein , said on August 8.

There was an argument between Rohingya community and the so-called population data collection officers in Aley Than Kyaw today at about 11:00am while the officers wanted to arrest a Rohingya elder who refused to participate so-called population data collection process, the whole Rohingya community from Aley Than Kyaw tried to save the Rohingya from the officers, said Hanidul Rahaman, an elder from Aley Than Kyaw.

The Maungdaw district officers were called so-called Rohingya leaders from Maungdaw and Buthidaung to solve the dispute between Rohingya community and the so-called population data collection officers in Aley Than Kyaw. The so-called  Rohingya leaders are ;- U Aung Myo Min (a) Master Jangir , the Regain and State Parliament member; U Aman Ullah, Lawyer; Dr. Nawzumaddin; U Sadek from block 5; Azim Ullah from block 2 and Mujee Ullah from block 2. They all are from Maungdaw and from Buthidaung: Dr. Bashir Ahmed; U nurul Amin; U Rafique and another one, said Mohamed Ibarahin from Maungdaw. “The so-called Rohingya leaders are also the collaborators of government and trying to participate the so-called population data collection with identification of “Bengali”.”

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