A Burmese delegation to visit Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh: A delegation, led by Deputy Foreign Minister U Thant Kyaw of Burma is likely to arrive in Dhaka on a four-day visit in august 28 to attend the  8th Bangladesh-Burma Foreign Office consultation (FOC) meeting, according to United News of Bangladesh (UNB).  Bangladesh-Burma Foreign Office consultation (FOC) will be held in Dhaka on August 31, with a focus on a number of issues including Rohingyas, security, connectivity, and building trust between the two neighboring countries.

Foreign Secretary M. Shahidul Haque will lead the Bangladesh side to the FOC, which was originally scheduled to be held in June last but postponed according to an official of Foreign Ministry.

The 7th round of FOC meeting was held in Naypyidaw, the new capital of Burma on 14 -15 June where delegations from both the neighboring countries reviewed various bilateral issues related to political, economic and security cooperation between Burma and Bangladesh.

Shahidul Haque stressed on resolving the longstanding repatriation issue of Rohingya refugees in the 7th round FOC meeting and called for early resumption of repatriation process relating to the Burmese refugees taking shelter in Bangladesh. The process was stalled due to the outbreak of communal violence in Arakan State of Burma last year.

The Bangladesh delegation proposed to form a joint committee to exclusively deal with issues of repatriation in relation with the undocumented Burmese nationals taking shelter in their country. But, the Burmese delegation said they will informed the proposal to Burmese foreign ministry official at last FOC meeting, according to Bangladesh Foreign Office official.

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