Population list resumed in Buthidaung

Buthidaung, Arakan State:  The concerned authorities have been resuming population list at Taung Bazar of Buthidaung north since August 1, said Dildar from the locality.  “On that day, the concerned authority–immigration officers and Hluntin have been resuming the population list of Rohingya community of Yangma village, Pauktaw Pyin village and Nagaran Chaung village of Buthidaung Township.”

The authority also collecting population list from the upper side of Taung Bazar, a youth from Taung Bazar said.

The authorities (immigration officers) are taking the old family list of Rohingya community and then they are enlisting family members in a new Form. In which, the top headline is only “population list of family members.” Immigration officers said, “We are only taking population list, and we do not write whether he/she is “Rohingya” or “Bengali.” The officer also said that they were enlisting new born babies and deducting the dead persons – males/females from the family lists,” an elder told the Kaladan Press without giving his name.

As a result, some Rohingya villagers are taking part in population list by organizing of some government collaborators. However, Rohingya villagers still doubt that these population lists will become real census with “Bengali” in place of “Rohingya in future.” The authorities of the government are using many kinds of methods in census to cheat the Rohingya community, a Rohingya politician said preferring not to be named.

“Rohingya will never accept “Bengali” ethnic name instead of “Rohingya”, a businessman from the locality said on condition of anonymity.

Villagers have to serve breakfast, lunch and other necessary things for the team of immigration and Hluntin, a trader from Ngaran Chaung said.

Burmese government has been trying to enlist “Bengali” in the census Form instead of “Rohingya”, but Rohingya community has been strongly protesting this so far, the trader added.

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