Police humiliates two religious leaders in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Two Rohingya religious leaders were humiliated by police in Maungdaw north July 31, while they visited their relatives at Bawli Bazar of Maungdaw north, a closed relative of the victims said.
On that day, at about 9:00 am, two Rohingya religious  leaders – ability to recite Quran from memory- named Hafez Nurul Haque (25), son of Nazir Ahmed and Hafez Niyamat Ullah (22), son of Amir Hussain, both hailed from Merullah Midden Para (Myint Hlut) of Maungdaw south went to Bawli Bazar to visit their relatives by a motorbike. Both of them are Hafezi Quran (memorized Quran). The July 31, was the end of Eid Festival after the end of Ramadan month. During the Eid holidays (for three days), Muslims pay visit to one family to another, and also pay visit to relatives, said a religious leader named Sayed  from the locality.

When the said two youths reached at police check-post of Bawli Bazar, they were halted by the police of the camp. They have all necessary documents for motorbike and temporary National Identity cards. However, they were naked and severely tortured by U Kyaw Zaw, a police personnel, is the native of Bawli Bazar.  After that they were detained in police station from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm without giving any reason, the religious leader more added.

The police seized Kyat 52,000 from them and also destroyed their CDM mobile, according to Mohamed Amin, a youth from Bawli Bazar.

However, at last, they were released by village Admin officer Iddris after paying Kyat 24,000, the youth added.

It is a deliberate action to the Muslim religious leaders without any reason. It is a challenge to the Rohingya Muslims for not participating in census, said a local elder who denied to be named.

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