People runaway from village after BGP surrounded the village at night

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The people from Borgarbill village under Kyauk Hlai Khar (Dargadill) village tract had run out from the village after seeing 11 trucks of Burma border guard police (BGP) surrounded the village on July 31, at midnight, according to Hala, an elder from Kyauk Hlai Khar village track.
“The villagers had run out from village after hearing and seeing vehicles were surrounding their village and they don’t know why and what is the problem to their village. The villagers also frightened when they had seen BGP surrounded the village.”

The 11 vehicles were come from BGP headquarters except one vehicle was come from area number 6 station. The BGP summoned some of 10 influence villagers with letter to meet the BGP officer on July 31, at area commanding office, but the influence villagers were not appeared at the office. So, BGP came to the village to pick up the villagers who were invited, said an officer from the BGP area office who denied to be named.

The invited villagers had known why they were called to the area commanding officer of BGP and they didn’t want to appear at the office as the villagers will not accept their advice which will give them from the office, said Mamon, an elder from the village tract.

The BGP officer called them to office to organize the village to cooperate with authority who will come to village to collect population lists which mention the headline “Illegal entering Bengali list” and the authority is trying to record as “Bengali” in the name of “Rohingya”- identifying by the villagers, Mamom more added.

The influence villagers didn’t want to say villagers to recognize “Bengali” which the villagers denied to identify themselves, the villagers or whole Rohingya community in Burma recall that they are “Rohingya” and will be “Rohingya” in the future, said a student from Maungdaw, denied to be named.

Some unconfirmed information received Kaladan Press, on that night some BGP were tried to attempt to rape the females while there was no males and villagers in the village for fear of arrest or frighten. We are looking to find out the real information as the BGP are using the tools “License to rape” to get their goal to accept Bengali and the so called population lists.

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