Hluntin tortures laborer in Buthidaung

Buthidaung, Arakan State:  A poor laborer was severely tortured by two Hluntin at Taung Bazar of Buthidaung north on July 26, without giving any reason, said Abul , an elder from  Taung Bazar.
“The laborer – Abdu Khalek (65), son of late Sayed Ahmed, hailed from Pauktaw Pyin village of Ngaran Chaung village tract. But, at present, he is living at Badana village after he had married to a woman of Badana village – was going to Taung Bazar (market) after crossing the ferry of Ngaran Chaung and did not do any provoking while passing the Hluntin personnel on the way.”

Every day, he goes to Taung Bazar on foot for work from his Badana village and returns home after sun set.  Market is only two miles away from his home, according to Ismail, a closed relative of the victim.

On that day, at around 12 noon, the laborer was going to Taung Bazar market on foot from his house of Badana village after crossing the Ngaran Chaung ferry. After crossing the ferry, he continued to walk to the market, but he was halted by the said two Hluntin and severely tortured him without any reason. However, he managed to escape after receiving severely torture from them and ran away to the Hluntin camp and appraised the event to the police officer, according to Hamid, a youth who was an eyewitness of the event.

A relative of the victim said, “Abdu Khalek is an old man and a poor laborer. It is a deliberate action against the Rohingya community.”

As a result, the police officer called the aforesaid two Hluntin and asked them about the event. After that they were beaten up by the police officer in front of the victim.

At last, the police officer paid Kyat 10,000 to the victim Abdu Khalek for medical treatment, according to Ismail, the relative of the victim.

Villagers and relatives of the victim were very happy for the judgment of the police officer, the relative more added.

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