Block admin officer sends a quid of betel seller to police custody for money

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  Yousuf – the number two block admin officer – sent a quid of betel seller to police custody for not giving his demand money on July 29, about 6:00pm, said Alam, an elder from Maungdaw.


Maungdaw clock tower junctionYousuf demanded 300,000 kyats from Hafaz Ahmed’s family of Bomu village under Block number 2, who argued with Rashid for quid of betel money – a collaborator of Yousuf, the admin officer of block two- near the clock tower and block two admin office. Hafaz was picked up by Yousuf with his recent block admin officer power and kept Hafaz in the office and demanding 300,000 kyat from Hafaz’s family as a fine for arguing with his collaborator, an officer from block two admin office who denied to be named.

After refusing to pay the demanded money, the admin officer called police and sent him to police custody and keeping till now in the police custody, the officer said.

Hafaz’s family are poor and hardworking people to survive their family by selling quid of betel near the clock tower and Rashid took quid of betel from Hafaz without paying money and using the power of block admin officer Yousuf. On that day – Eid (end of feasting month festival) day- Rashid again took quid of betel from Hafaz where the seller asked the money and started the argument, Anoo, a youth who is the eyewitness of the argument.

But, the block admin officer charged Hafaz for argument and demand the money from Hafaz for arguing with Rashid-the collaborator of admin officer, Anoo said.

Yousuf is always harassing the villagers to extort money from them and creating some problem with villagers or watching something happening in his areas. So, he can extort money from villagers, showing the power of his and police who are getting money from Yousuf, said villagers who denied to be named.

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