Villagers tortured by Hluntin in Maungdaw

Maungfaw, Arakan state: Villagers were severely tortured by Hluntin from Maungdaw north on July 22, as the villagers refused to participate in population data collection, said Salay from the village.

“On that day, at about 9:00 am, a group of Hluntin accompanied by some immigration officers went to Ray Aung Chaung village of Meetike village tract of Maungdaw north and forcibly tried to collect population data of the villagers but villagers refused to participate it because the authority wanted to write “Bengali” in place of “Rohingya” in the Form. “

Though the villagers’ refusal, at first, police and immigration officers forcibly entered Aman Ullah’s house and tortured him severely and his wife Ms Dildar (27) was also tortured and one of her hands was broken. As a result, some of the villagers strongly protested against the Hluntin and immigration officers so that the Hluntin could fire 15- round of bullet into air to disperse the villagers, another village elder said preferring not to be named.

However, some of the villagers namely—Mohamed Noor (35), son of Nazir Ahmed: Sayed Allam; Abu Baker; Khana Guraya (37), Noor Mohamed (50) and some others had been severely tortured by Hluntin, the elder more added.

But, Mohamed Noor (50) was brought to the area border police office and later he was released.

The group was conducting their data processing till 3:00 pm at the village as villagers ran away from their homes after closing their doors. Hluntin were waiting for the villagers’ return to their village.

This is the first time, the authority used coercion or terrorized action against the villagers in population data collection, said a youth from the locality.

However, on July 25, three families from this village were called to the area border police office to clear the population data collection, but, they did not go there. Again, today ten- family is also called to police office for processing population data collection, but they did not go there. Villagers worry about the reprisal of concerned authority, said a businessman from the village.

Villagers believe that they will exercise terrorized method in population data collection against the villagers in future.

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