Block admin officer harassing villagers for sentry money

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  The number two block administration officer – U Yousuf – is harassing  the villagers for sentry money which he runs  four sentry posts with hiring people monthly basis, said Halim, Human Rights Watchdog  from Maungdaw.
The block administration officer, U Yousuf, keeps seven persons to harass and to collect the monthly money for sentry posts. The officer hired 16 persons for sentry with monthly basis and paid to them 200,000 kyat which are collecting from the villagers, Halim said.

The number two administration officer and his helping group are collecting  – Kyat  5,000 or  3,000 or  2,000, or 1,000 per family according to the family status – where they collected more than 2.5 million Kyat per month from 5,000 families in the block, Halim more added.

But, the administration officer also collects from issuing recommendation and reporting about the gusts visiting home. The collection of the sentry money is for every month,  if someone denies  to pay  money with scheduled time,  he and his puppet group are making harassments – not issuing travel pass, no recommendation letters,  no registration  for guest reports and  enter his/her home for guest checking  at night. The admin officer and his group along with police, immigration officer enter the homes where they make as an operation of criminal searching. The group enters home and keep the family members aside in a room, than they searched along the home without accompanying any family members, it look like robbery at the home, said a person from the admin office who denied to be named.

The admin officer’s helping group are:- Ayub, Hamid, Ferose Khan, Taher, Illiyas, Zubair and Latib. The group is making problems to the villagers to get the monthly money, as it is their main source of income. The block admin officer also gives money to high level officers to protect him from his ill motive business, the person more added.

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