Robbery committed in Leda unofficial refugee camp

Teknaf, Bangladesh:   A robbery was committed at Leda unofficial camp by local robbers on June 20, at around 1:00 am against five family members, said a refugee from the camp preferring not to be named.  “On that day, a group of robbers with arms entered the camp and committed robbery against the five refugee families. Their room numbers are—166, 207, 208, 209 and 210.”

The victims are identified as —Ms Forida Begum, Tayub, Ms Rashida Begum, Baru, Ms Rahima Khatun. The robbers took away— cash money, gold ornaments, mobile sets worth Taka about 200,000, said another refugee.

According to refugees, some of the robbers are identified as— Abdu Jalail, son of Sayed Ahmed; Mohamed Yusuf and Issaque,  sons of Abdu Khader and Sayed Alam, son of mogul Ahmed. They all hailed from Alikhali village of Nila Union.

The aforesaid robbers have been committing robbery, stealing and looting goods from travelers and also committed robberies in Naff River, especially fishermen, smugglers and traders who crossed the Naf River, the refugees more added.

The said robbers are freely moving from one place to another, but the concerned authorities do not take any action against them, Rashid, a trader from Teknaf said.

At present, the Leda camp, over 12,000 refugees are living in shacks, about one kilo-meter away from Nayapara camp – recognized government camp . All the managements (operation and security) are controlled by Muslim Aid. It only provides health care and water supply. Some of Ansars without guns provide security to this camp, Shaker from the refugee camp.

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