Village administration officer kills again in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  A Rohingya  village administration officer of Thapaytaw (Barsara/Zoom Kara) was killed by unknown persons while he was going to Maungdaw bi monthly meeting of village administration officer at Maungdaw Township administration office on July 16, said Asif Anwer, an elder from Maungdaw south.
Zaiyabul Rahaman, the village administration officer of Thapaytaw village, was a notorious and harassing the villagers for money which had paid to the Township administration officer – U Kyi San – for his post last year during the village admin officer election, Asif said.

The villagers raised their voice about the harassing of the village admin officer and it went to outside of the village and other areas. So, some people –may be robbers or nationalist who are living outside the country –killed who didn’t like his activities against the Rohingya community, said a student who denied to be named.

The village admin officers had to pay 7 -10 million for his position to Township administration officer – U Kyi San- as the township officer denied to handover the appointment letter without money. The village admin officers also collecting money from village by anyway which he had paid to Maungdaw Township admin officer, the student said.

But, the village admin officer become eyesore for villagers for harassing them for money, the student more added.

Similarly, Zakoria, the village Administration officer of Thinnbaw Kway (Kuloon) was killed by unknown persons on May 2 this year for harassing villagers for money.   He also worked together with police and Hluntin personnel to harass the villager for money.  Later, some robber identify themselves as they killed Zakoria for harassing the villagers, said Jamal from Maungdaw south.

The village admin office –Zakoria- also paid hug money to receive his position to the Township admin officer. Thus, the Township admin officer is the main creating the problem between villagers and admin officers for collecting money and the village admin officer is target to kill for harassing people. If the Township admin officer didn’t demand money to deliver the appointment letter, the village admin officers didn’t harass the villagers and they were not killed by someone, said Jamal.

There are four village administration officers were killed for activity and harassing the villagers since Township administration officer –U Kyi San – took the office, Jamal more added.

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