BGP police officer threatens village administration officers

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  U Aung Myint Htun, the Burma border guard police (BGP) police officer yesterday expressed his intention to punish and threaten the village administration officers at the bi- monthly meeting of Township admin office, said Oliullah who attended the meeting. The BGP police officer Aung Myint Htun asked the village administration officers at the meeting, to organize their villagers to join the population data collecting program at least 30% which will be held on July 21, otherwise he will punish the village admin officers, Oliullah added.

The police officer, Htun, also stated that the authority will issue only Nationalize citizenship with Bengali, not full citizenship to Rohingya community. The checking of citizenship will be done under the processing of 1982 citizenship Law, Isque said, another administration officer who attended the meeting.

However, the police officer Htun agreed with the name of Rohingya in the ethnic list before 1982, but, after that there was no Rohingya in the ethnic list, Isque more said.

The police officer, Htun also said at the meeting, the whole Maungdaw district will be started the population data collecting program on July 21 and believe that all the village administration officers will cooperate to success the program, Isque more added.

But, the Rohingyas from Myoma Kyayoungdan village tract of Maungdaw Township did not participate in collecting of the population data process program since July 13, said an officer from village admin office.

The Rohingya villagers of Myoma Kyayoungdan asked the concerned officers to come without the headline of “illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and Bengali race”. The villagers also asked to give permission to identity as “Rohingya”, said Rafique, a schoolteacher from Maungdaw.

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