Paddy seedlings destroyed by tidal surge in Maungdaw south

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Most of the paddy seedlings were suddenly destroyed by tidal surge in Maungdaw south yesterday, said a farmer named Jalil  from Aley Than Kyaw village.  “The tidal surge especially destroyed of seedlings of Gora Khali, Oo Daung, Khorja Bill and Aley Than Kyaw villages. So the farmers could not able to grow paddy in time. They have no extra seeds to grow new seedlings and the government will not help the Rohingya farmers.”

However, the seedlings of highlands and nearby mountains are safe from destroying by tidal surge. Earlier, some of the such kinds of farm lands from Rohingya farmers had been seized by the concerned authorities —Nasaka (former border security force) , Hluntin  and  army—so that  they cannot  able to grow paddy in more such lands, at present, said a local farmer named Sayed ( not real name) from the locality.

Farmers in Maungdaw Township started to grow paddy seedlings in June, but, the seedlings were completely destroyed by the tidal surge yesterday. If they grow new seedlings in their fields, it will not be helpful to farmers to grow paddy in time.  Regarding this, in next year, there will be food crisis in those areas, according to a businessman from the locality.

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