Thai Police personnel arrest 13 Rohingyas in Southern Thai

Chittagong, Bangladesh: A group of Thai police personnel raid at a palm plantation in southern Thailand, arrested 13 Rohingyas and exposed a ring that trafficked Burma’s ethnic minority Rohingya Muslims into the country, police official said from Bangkok yesterday.
Being on information, a group of police raided a house on a palm plantation and arrested two Burmese men who allegedly had detained 13 Rohingyas for extortion for over a month in Thailand’s Chumphon province, said police Maj. Gen. Warawuth.

The police arrested 10 men and 3 women, and they were part of a group of about 140 refugees traveling out of Arakan state by boats since May 11.  But the rest were sent to different destinations after landing on the Thai shore, Warawuth said.

The relatives were asked to send 50,000 baht per head to the traffickers to be released detainee Rohingya asylum seeker and will send asylum seeker to the Malaysia border. The arrestee asylum seekers lived in poor conditions at the plantation and some were physically tortured, he said.

Recently, one of the arrestees in Thailand south contacted to his parents in Maungdaw south, and asked money of Thai baht 50,000 for his release. The traffickers severely tortured the arrestees to get money, said Akbar from Maungdaw south.

“We are working for release of Rohingyas who have been arrested by traffickers in Thai south, according to Ismail, a Rohingya social worker from Bangkok.

Rohingyas face discrimination in Burma, where sectarian violence for nearly two years has left hundreds dead and more than 140,000 displaced from their homes. Many sought asylum and work in other countries, especially Malaysia.

Since 2013, more than 1,700 Rohingya have been arrested in Thailand after seeing their boats run stranded in the country’s south, the police officer said.

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