No medical facility in Maungdaw custody

Maungdaw, Arakan State: There is no medical facility in Maungdaw police custody and many detainees are facing from several diseases, said Kasim, a detainee who released recently from Maungdaw.

“Mostly Rohingya detainees are facing from skin diseases and fever in the police custody but the concerned authorities don’t provide any medicines to the patients of Rohingya detainees.”

The police personnel of Maungdaw also doesn’t give enough food and water to the detainees in the custody. The custody is small room and very hot as the police personnel kept more detainees than its capacity, according to detainees.

In Maungdaw, there is no jail, but using only the Maungdaw police station custody as jail for trails or to process the court, the detain more added.

When the new detainee enter the custody, old detainees – mostly Rakhine groom who are closely working with Maungdaw police station – demand Kyat 30,000 per head, if anyone is unable to pay money, he will be severally tortured and is kept him near the toilet at night, said  another released detainee on condition of anonymity.

Mostly the concerned authority from police station also severely torture to detainees mentally and physically in the custody by saying “Bangali”.

Similarly, during the producing at court, they are hand cupped and severely beaten up at cell house without giving any reason by authorities, the released detainee further said.

Besides, the concerned authorities of Buthidaung jail harass and torture the Rohingya prisoners in the jail. They are not given enough medical treatment and enough food by the jail authorities, said an elder from the locality.

Rohingya prisoners urge the government of Burma to stop unreasonable and unconditional harassments and persecutions against the prisoners.

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