BGP and army collect tolls from rowboat in Buthidaung

Buthidaung, Arakan State:  The Border Guard police and army are collecting tolls from rowboat which are plying along the Mayu River from Taung Bazar village tract to Gu Pyi village tract of Buthidaung north, said one of the shopkeepers who went to Gu Pyi market by rowboat.


Taungbazar boatjetty

“The police and army established 4 out-post camps along the Mayu River bank and collect tolls from these check-posts while the rowboat cross them. They collect Kyat 500 per rowboat per check post and the rowboat has to pay Kyat 2,000 for one trip.”

Mostly, rowboat owners are poor, if they pays Kyat 2,000 per boat per trp to the check-posts, he will get less profit by carrying passengers and goods to the Gu Pyi market. The security forces get more money, but the rowboat Mazi (rower) will get a small amount, said one of the rowers from Taung Bazar.

This is a kind of tactics to extort money from Rohingya community. They always think how to get money from Rohingya people, according to a businessman from Gu Pyi market.

A boatman said on condition of anonymity, “We don’t get regularly passengers but we have to pay Kyat 500 per one to one check-post. So, it is very hardship of us.”

The police and army frequently disturb the Rohingya people on the way to market when they go to market to buy something. Occasionally, the concerned authority snatch their goods (food items), according to villagers.

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