District Police officer protects his drug business partner

Maungdaw, Arakan State: District police officer U Shwe Than issued an order to arrest a drug dealer from Bomuu para (village), under block number 4 of Maungdaw, but the police arrested a driver of drug dealer on July 4, at about 12:00 noon, said Hasu Meah, an elder of the village.Mohamed Salam is the person –  a closed drug partner of District police officer and a well-known drug dealer in Maungdaw who is working with high level officers from Maungdaw, Hasu said.

On that day, the police personnel along with two block administration officers went to Salam home and arrested Salam’s driver Faisal only. The police neither entered the home nor searched the home, just arrested the driver Faisal and showed a mobile phone with two Bangladeshi Sim cards, according to a village administration officer member of block #2.

Salam’s driver Faisal was  released  within an hours after giving 700,000 Kyat, the member said.

Two block administration officers – Yousuf from block 2 and Nyo Htun from block 4 – together with 7 police personnel led by police officer Toe Toe, were assigned the operation. All the police personnel and block administration officers were working closed to District police officer U Shwe Than.

Salam is working with all high level officers of Maungdaw who are involved with Yaba smuggling business and he meets with District police officer home every day in the evening where they exchange their business idea, said a drug trafficker who denied to be named.

Salam is transporting Yaba tablets to Bangladesh through his channel which he receives from the officers and now it is very difficult for traffickers to transport Yaba to Bangladesh for tight security. The officers also want to show public, working against the drugs trafficking by arresting someone  but, not the real person, the trafficker said.

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