Prices of essentials high as Ramadan (fasting month) begins

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The essential commodities, mainly those which are used in preparation of iftar (fasting breaking) items are being sold at high prices in Maungdaw just from the beginning of the holy Ramadan (fasting month) which started on June 30, said Khala, a trader from Maundaw Town.  One of our correspondents said that the holy month of Ramadan began in Maungdaw with the hike in the prices of Iftar items.

Sham Shu, a customer also said that the traders decrease the supply to sell it for high profit during Ramadan. Traders attributed the price rise to low supply and high demand of vegetables in the local markets.

A poor villager named Kurshid said that Ramadan is for the rich, as prices of essentials go beyond their purchasing capacity. The marginal income groups, service holders of fixed income groups have to face untold sufferings for price hike of ingredients of iftar and other essentials in holy Ramadan. The advent of the holy month of Ramadan, the prices of essentials have soared in the markets. The price of powder milk has increased suddenly ahead of the holy month in the markets. A kilogram of powder milk is being sold at Kyat 10,000 per kg as against only Kyat 9,000 only two days ago

Brinjal is being sold at Kyat  500 per kg, befor it was Kyat 200  per kg and potato at Kyat 300 per kg against Kyat 200, dried chili at Kyat 2,500 per kg against Kyat 2,000, onion at Kyat 1,200 whereas it was sold before at Kyat 800 to 900.

The price of sugar has soared to Kyat 200 per kg whereas it was sold at Kyat 1,200 per kg before Ramadan.

Besides, beef is being sold at Kyat 7,000 per Viss (one Viss =1.66 kg) whereas it was sold at Kyat 6,000 before Ramadan, Mutton sells at Kyat 3,500 per kg while it was sold Kyat only 3,300 before Ramadan. Fish (good quality) is being sold at Kyat 4,000 per kg while it was sold at Kyat 2,500 to 3,000 before Ramzan.

“I just earn Kyat 3,000 (occasionally) a day now, it is impossible for me to maintain my family with this poor income due to price hike. After the violence of 2012 between Rohingyas and Rakhines, there is no jobs for Rohingya community.  I need at least three kilograms of rice a day for my family if I buy the rice I can hardly manage others commodities with rest of the money.  A 50 kg rice bag is being sold at Kyat 17,000 whereas it was sold Kyat 15,000 before Ramadan,” said Sayed, a day laborer from Maungdaw.

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