Police chief suddenly checks the Maungdaw Juma Mosque

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The police chief of Maungdaw police station U Htay Lwin with three police officers suddenly visited the Maungdaw Juma Mosque at 4:30pm today, said Anu Meah, an elder from Maungdaw.
The police officer went to the Juma Mosque’s office and called the representative of Mosque where the officers enter the Mosque – checked all the areas inside and outside of Mosque, Anu said.

After checking the Mosque, the officers had left the areas without any fault, said the representative of Mosque.

It is a kind of harassment for Rohingya or showing they had powered to check everywhere. The Mosque was locked since 2012 and there was no permission to worship in the Mosque. The authority – Township administration office- restricted to pray inside the mosques since 2012 all around the Maungdaw municipal and rural areas, representative of Mosque said.

The Burmese government declared that Burma is a country where everyone is free to practice their own religious but in Arakan no freedom on religious as no one can pray inside the Mosque since 2012, said Halim, the Human Right Watchdog  from Maungdaw.

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