Township administration officer used power for harassing and extorting money from Rohingya

Maungdaw, Arakan State: U Kyi San- the Maungdaw Township Administration officer-used his power for harassing and extorting money from Rohingya who rebuilt their home with permission or without permission, according to Hamid, a village administration officer from Maungdaw.

U Kyi San had warned the village administration officers to inform every rebuilding or repairing houses in their villages, Hamid said.

Some of the villagers- Rohingya- obtained permission from Township municipal office who were under its office, but the Township administration officer –U Kyi San- used the power and destroyed the houses for not getting money for him, said Ahmed from Block # 5 under Maungdaw.

“Abu Jamail who obtained permission from municipal office and rebuilt his home, but U Kyi San sent Police force to destroy the house and police destroyed it on 17 June in the evening. The municipal permission is legally to build.”

Some of the Rohingya who had paid money to U Kyi San to keep their houses and safe their time and money. They are:- Abul Hussion,Sultan, Akaram, Asha Begum and Gawnu Meah from Hlabaw Zarr village ; Mohamed Johar and Sanjeda from Poungzarr Pyinpru village; Syed Husson, Jahid Husson and Younous from Shwezarr village and Ismail from Myoma Khayoungdan village. All of these Rohingya villagers had given 500,000kyat each to U Kyi San, said an officer from the Township office who denied to be named.

One Rohingya – Abul Kalam- from Myoma Khayoungdan village had given 400,000 kyat for a balcony in his houses and Abdul Rahaman, another Rohingya villager from Kyauk Hlai Khar ( Dargua Dil) who had paid 70,000,000kyats for 35 shops ( 200,000 kyat per one shop), the officer said.

Besides, U Kyi San used his power to stop a wedding ceremony of Abul Kalam’s daughter which was permitted by concerned authority from Maungdaw. U Kyi San sent security force to stop slaughtering at 11:00pm night while villagers had already finished slaughter the cow for next morning. The officer (U Kyi San) ordered not to gather people to serve food to the people in the wedding. The wedding ceremony was held without food and people, said Anwer, a village elder.

“If you pay thousands of money to U Kyi San, the wedding ceremony will finish happily and all the people will join in the wedding. Abul Kalam had permission for wedding, why U Kyi San stop it with showing situation. It is only for Rohingya, not for Rakhine.”

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