Block administration officer extorts money from accident

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Yousuf, the block # 2, administration officer extorted 100,000 kyat from a motorcyclist who made a minor accident on June 16, in front of ESB office near clock tower junction, Maungdaw, said Anu, an elder from the area.

Omar Faruque, the motorcyclist attacked 7 year old Rashida at the junction where Omar had given 30,000 kyat for medical treatment and had sent to the private clinic for treatment. The accident was a minor accident where Rashida was injure at the leg, said Anu.

All the people near the junction said to pay 30,000kyat extra for treatment and Omar had paid it. The parent of Rashida was agreed with the people said and Rashida went to her home, said Abu, a student said.

But, the administration officer of the area- Yousuf- held the motor cycle and Omar and didn’t allow him to go home as he had paid money and given treatment the victim which the people said in the area, Abu said.

The admin officer treated Omar to send him to police otherwise Omar must pay money to admin officer. At last, Omar had paid the admin officer 100,000 kyat and he was set free to go home, said Samsu, a friend of Omar.

Yousuf is harassing Rohingya community with the help of Township Administration officer and he was always inform about the situation of Rohingya in Maungdaw and his area. So, the Township administration officer- U Kyi San- is giving him facility to extort money from Rohingya and share together the extort money, said a village administration officer who denied to be named.

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