Administration officer harasses villagers to participate in census

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Maungdaw municipal, Block number 2, administration officer- Yousuf- is harassing the villagers to participate in census which authority frame for Rohingya community since June 16, said Aziz, an elder from Block # 2.

Yousuf, the block # 2, administration officer accompany with Immigration officers went to villagers homes and warned the villagers to participate the census which authority design frame, otherwise, he will not give any recommendations for travel, marriage and other etc.., the Aziz said.

U Kyi San, the Township administration officer ordered Yousuf to convince the villagers to join the census which the Township administration office design with Immigration office –to accept “Bengali” as race – but, the block administration officer forced the villagers to join as per township office direction and warned he will make problems when the villagers need any recommendation from office, said Halim, a Human Rights Watchdog said.

The Maungdaw Township office and Immigration office called the block #2 villager to attend meeting same as last meeting of block # 4, on June 23 where the officers forced Rohingya villagers to accept “Bengali” as race in census or authority will make difficulty for them for their survival process, Halim said.

The villagers denied to accept the proposal of Maungdaw Township administration officer and Immigration officer to participate with their design, Halim more said.

The Maungdaw Administration office ordered all village/block administration officers to report the situation of their villages and Bangladesh every day, Yousuf is one of them who specially reports to U Kyi San, the Maungdaw Township administration officer every day at 8:00pm at his (U Kyi San) home, said an officer who denied to be named.

“The Yousuf reported all the activist of villagers including talking five persons together in the village and some newspaper reports from Bangladesh to U Kyi San every day night.”

The authority again called meeting the Rohingya villagers of block # 4 tomorrow which villagers disappointed for meeting and fearing there will be tension between the authority and Rohingya villagers for propose of to accept “Bengali” in the census, said a village administration office member from Maungdaw.

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