Breaking News : BGP open fire at night in Maungdaw

Burma border guard police open fired in the night since June 18 and 19, in difference place- Alay Than Kyaw, Paungzarr and Maungni villages – for hearing the boats sailing sound in the Naf river according to the border guard police.

But, the local villagers from these villages said they didn’t heard any sound of boats sailing in the river and the villagers getting information that the Township administration officer- U Kyi San- had ordered to fire to the sky at night and to say for hearing the sound of boats in the Naf river.

The Township administration officer- U Kyi San – is harassing the Rohingya community for money and census which the community denied to participate for not able to identify “Rohingya” as race , but the township officer wants to say “Bengali”, said Halim, a Human Rights watchdog said.

Some, local Rohingya villagers said the border guard police drunk and fired to the sky and said they heard the boats sailing sound in the River.

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