969 members torture sentry men at Maungdaw Township

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Some members of 969 organization – blacklist in Burma – members in disguise of police entered the Nwa Yon Daung (Horil Dil) village at about 11:00 pm and tortured the sentry men severely without any provocation, said Haroon, an elder from the village.“Everyone have guns and dressed in police uniform and asked the sentry men to show RSO (Rohingya Solidarity Organization) members while torturing them. At that time, we were only four persons with sticks. The gun men are about 16 members,” according to Kala, a sentry man.

The sentry men are identified as —Mohamed Yunus (25), son of Nurul Islam; Kala Mea (50), son of Abbas; Abdu Goffur (30), son of Jamal; and Bashir Ahmed (18), son of Baila. During the torture, Abdu Goffur was running way from the scene, so the disguised police went to his house and dragged his father Jamal from the house in place of Goffur and tortured severely, said a relative of the victims preferring not to be named.

After half an hour, when a patrol car of Hluntin came to the spot, the disguised gun men slowly entered nearby forest. The Hluntin did not follow them. Villagers believe that they are the members of 969, so the villagers did not chase them. The Hluntin camp is only one Furlong away from the village sentry camp.

“Why did the Hluntin do not chase the gun men,” said a local elder who preferred not to be named.

“How did the gun men dare to torture the village sentry men close to Border Guard Police headquarters.” said local youth on condition of anonymity.

However, Jamal and Boshir Ahmed were sent to Maungdaw Town for medical treatment in private clinic because of serious injured as they are not allowed in government hospital.

Villagers raised the issue to nearby Hluntin or police camp, but there is no action against the culprits, sad Annu, a local businessman.

“Local authorities exercise various kinds of methods to harass local Rohingya villagers because of using their power, said a local trader.”

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