Police harasses Rohingya travelers in Maungdaw south

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The concerned authority (Police and Hluntin) have been harassing and extorting money from Rohingya travelers since the first week of June 2014 in Maungdaw south who go to one village to another village and market after crossing the police check-post, Hamid, a local villager said.
“The concerned authority has recently set up a new police check-post on high way between Udaung and Ghorakhali village under the Myient Hlut border guard police sector No.8 of Maungdaw Township.”

According to sources, the Rohingya males, women and girls are being checked the whole bodies and travel documents by the security police while crossing the new police check-post.

Sources also said that if the security police don’t get travel documents, he/she will be demanded and extorted Kyat 500-1000 by the security police.

Hasu Meah, a rice trader told the Kaladanpress, “We have to go to market of Aley Than Kyaw once a day because we sell rice, chili and vegetable in the marke. If policemen and Hluntin harassing and taking money from Rohingya villagers on these road how the Rohingya will get money to pay policemen daily.”

However, the Rohingya villagers have urged the concerned authority to stop extortion money and harassment against the Rohingya community, said Ahmed Husson, an elder from Maungdaw.

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