Burma border guard police returns arms and ammunition of Nayek Mizanur Rahman

Maungdaw, Arakan: Burma border guard police (BGP) returned the sub-machine gun (SMG) of slain border guard Bangladesh (BGB) Nayek Mizanur Rahman along with 120 bullets and four magazines following a flag meeting in Maungdaw at Daywanadee Hall between the two forces on May 5, according to BGB official source.


Officials of BGB, in the right row and the officials of BGP in the left row. in the flag meeting held in Maungdaw. Photo: BGB  
“Col Khandker Farid Hasan, BGB’s sector commander of Cox’s Bazar, led a 23-member delegation, while Director of Burma border guard police Brig. Tin Ko Ko led a team of 15-member during the 4-hour meeting,” BGB Deputy Director General Abul Hasnat Md Khairul Bashar (operation and training) said.

“The officials of the two countries held their discussions in a very cordial atmosphere,” BGB Deputy Director General said.

The meeting started from 10:00 am at Maungdaw, Arakan State, Burma. At the meeting Bangladesh strongly protested Mizan’s killing, the Burma force said they mistook the patrol team for members of Burma-based separatist group Rohingya Solidarity Organization (RSO), who also use dark uniform like BGB, the BGB official source more added.

In an unprovoked attack, Burma border guard police- BGP – shot at BGB patrols at Burma-Bangladesh border on May 28, leaving Mizan dead. The BGP then intruded into Bangladesh and took away his body, his firearm and ammunition, creating huge tension at the border.

When asked why BGP did not contact BGB officials at that time, the BGP said they did not have mobile phone tower there, according to BGB sector commander Col Khandker Farid.

The BGP side regretted the killing and assured Bangladesh of more cautiousness in future to prevent recurrence.

When Bangladeshi officials asked BGP to withdraw army from their border; they said they needed army deployment to prevent attack by RSO separatists, BGB Director General Maj Gen Aziz Ahmed said to reporters.

The Burma team then inquired about whether Bangladesh wanted to deploy army at the border but the Bangladesh side said it was not required, said Maj Gen Aziz.

The BGB never gave shelter to RSO separatists and asked for specific information about RSO operatives from BGP, if any, so that Bangladesh could take action against them, according to BGB sector commander.

During the meeting, amid tension at Bangladesh-Burma border, both sides discussed issues including border patrol by the two forces in a coordinated way and stopping intrusion.

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