Kyauk Hla Gaar market burnt down in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Kyauk Hla Gaar market was burnt down into ashes last night by Hluntin police, according to a villager preferring not to be named for security reason.
“Before burning the market, by two cars Hluntin police make— up and down journey to the said market. There are not night sentry men in the market. ”

After a moment, at about 11: 45 pm, the fire was starting from a shop, which was in the middle of the shop-line and then spread to other shops burning 25 shops completely. However, the fire was extinguished at around 00: 25 am automatically, said a local trader on condition of anonymity.

Seeing the fire, the villagers rushed to the spot, but, Hluntin from the police area No.6 fired to the villagers to stop them. As result, villagers were not able to extinguish the fire, the local trader more added.

In the morning, Hluntin came to the spot and observed the situation. After that they listed the owners of the shopkeepers who lost their shops in the fire and tried to arrest them to extort money, a businessman from the locality said.

In the fire, Rohingya shopkeepers lost millions of Kyat. Why did they (Hluntin) police burnt down the Rogingya shops in Kyauk Hla Gaar market? It is clear that it has a state policy to uproot the Rohingyas from Arakan in slow motion, said an elder who preferred not to be named.

Besides, in March 2014, many houses had been burnt down into ashes by Hluntin in Hati Para village of Maungdaw north. By doing themselves, they (Hluntin) blamed to the local villagers to extort money and to give harassments This is their state polir cy, the elder more added.

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