13-villager jailed in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Thirteen Kilaidaung (Du Chee Yar Tan) villagers of Maungdaw Township were sentenced to seven years jail per each on May 30, from Maungdaw court over the accusation that they had involved in violence, which was happened on January 14 in KiIiaidaung village, according to Kiladaung village deputy Administration officer.

“Some of them are identified as—Dawbi Ullah (70), son of Nezam: Kamal Uddin (60); Sham Shu (60), son of Bodi Alam; Noor Mostafa (45) and Rohimali ( 50), son of Kalu.”

After the violence, the villagers have been facing many difficulties. Some of them were killed, some were wounded, some of them have been jailed and some of them have to flee to neighboring Bangladesh to avoid the fear of arrest and harassment of police, army, Hluntin and local authorities, said Kalim, an elder from the village.

Regarding the violence, police previously declared that 17 villagers were involved in the Du Chee Yar Tan village violence and announced their list. But, they are still free from the arrest of police.

Suddenly, on June 3, the concerned police authority calling a meeting inviting local elders and declared that they have to arrest 50 villagers from Kilaidaung village only including previous 17 listed villagers. The list is included mostly elderly people and religious leaders. As a result, villagers of Kilaidaung (Du Chee Yar Tan) villagers are living in panic-stricken position, said Hamid Ahmed, another villager from the Kiladaung.

The police authority also asked the neighboring villagers not to co-operate with the Kilaidaung villagers. When the police enter the Kilaidaung village to arrest the listed villagers, the neighboring villagers were asked not to make hue and cry against the police personnel. If the villagers do not abide by the order, they will be punished, the villager more added.

Villagers are now facing with four basic needs— shelter, food, health and clothing. During the violence, they had lost everything in the village. In place of helping the villagers, the concerned authorities are constantly giving threats and harassment against the Rohingya villagers. Without renovation and roofing their houses, it is impossible to live inside the homes during the rainy season. But, the concerned authorities do not give permission to the villagers to renovate and roofing their (villagers’) homes, said a business man from the locality preferring not to be named.

In these circumstances, the police authority declared a list of lawbreakers who were involved in January 13, violence. This list is totally false and fabricated to harass the villagers. The authority also slicked their list in every village accompanied by their photographs, the businessman more added.

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