Using new tactics police detain two brothers in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Using new tactics police of Maungdaw Township have been detaining two brothers and severely tortured in Maungdaw police station since May 25, said Haroon, a local villager from Maundaw south. “Both of them are brothers; they were arrested from Udaung village over the false allegation by different departments of the authorities– police, Hluntin, army and intelligent department. They were implicated that they have been connection with robbers,” Haroon, more added.

The arrestees have been identified as— Moulvi Yasin (32), and his younger brother Faisel (25), son of Abdul Hakim, hailed from Udaung village under the Maungdaw Township.

According to sources from the village, on May 24, at night, an unknown person contacted a woman named Noor Jahan (40), wife of Shobbir by phone, but Noor Jahan didn’t know who is he? At present, her husband lives in Saudi Arabia. Due to phone conversation, the (unknown person) asked “to pay O.3 million Kyats; if she wanted her son not to be kidnapped.” When she asked him where she will pay money. The unknown person said to give money to aforesaid Moulvi. Yasin.

The unknown person also warned her not to expose to anybody, If tell anybody, you will be killed, the sources said.

The following day, Noor Jahan went to Moulvi Yasin’s house and gave 300,000 Kyats regarding the phone called. Moulvi Yasin became wonder and asked Noor Jahan why she gave him money. Regarding the question, the woman sad that please keep it.

After giving money, she called to that number of unknown person that contacted with her in previous night. A few minutes later, the concerned authority— village Admin officer (Rakhine) and his collaborator Karim Ullah rushed to the spot and arrested Moulvi Yasin, a close relative said preferring not to be named. He also herd the conversation of Noor Jahan and unknown man.

A local elder said on condition of anonymity that the authority used new tactic by present village Administration officer U Ba Min Tun, local police and police collaborator Karim Ullah.

The elder also said that Moulvi Yasin is a good man in the society and he is also innocent. The police arrested him over the false allegation.

Besides, the police also arrested Yasin’s younger brother Faisel with false allegation from outside the house while he was working in the field. After arrest, he was brought to his house and searched everything in the house. During this time, police secretly put a local made pistol into a box which is used for keeping clothes, said an aide of police.

In this way, the two brothers were arrested by the police and brought to their camp where they are being severely tortured.

From Kaladan Press Network tried to ask a police officer at Aley Than Kyaw police station over mobile phone, but the officer didn’t receive phone call.

However, the both brothers are being detained in Maundaw police station for further interrogations. Moulvi Yasin becomes in critical condition, he is not being provided any treatment there, said a relative of the victim.

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