Nearly 200,000 Sedil injection seized by BGB at Bangladesh-Burma border

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Neary 200 thousand Sedil injections were seized by Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) on May 24, while being smuggled to Burma through Naf River, according to BGB official.   They also seized one fishing trawler, which was used for smuggling. The worth of the seized injections including fishing trawler is over Tk. 1.7 million.

Lt. Col Abu Zar-Al-Zahid of BGB Battalion No.42 of Teknaf union said that the fishing trawler with fishing nets and Sedil injections were seized by BGB patrol party while it was patrolling at Naf River nearby Nataung Para (village) of Teknaf union.

The Commander also said that the operation was conducted by Zakaria, the BoP company commander of Teknaf.

Sensing the presence of BGB personnel, the smugglers managed to escape after jumping to the Naf River.

Later, the seized injections and trawler handed over to the Teknaf police station.

A medic from Teknaf said that Arakan state depends only the medicines of Bangladesh, Every day, medicines from Bangladesh are being smuggled to Burma.

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