School boy severely tortured by police officer in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  A school boy was severely tortured by a police officer because of collecting firewood from nearby forest in Maungdaw Township yesterday, said Halim, a relative of the victim.
“The victim was identified as Nurul Amin (8), son of Abdullah, hailed from Maung Nama middle village of Maungdaw Township. He is the student of class two of Maung Nama government primary school,” Halim said

On that day, at about 10:00 am, the victim only went to nearby forest for collection of some firewood as his home is not far away from the forest. However, after collecting of some firewood, he returned home with the bundle of firewood, at around 12 noon, according to Farooque, an elderly man from the village.

But, on the way to home, the school boy was halted on the road by the police of Maung Nama police out-post camp and seized his firewood.  As a result, the boy was crying for his firewood. In one stage, the police officer of the camp tortured the victim severely and then sent him to the Village Administration office of Maung Nama village, where relatives of the victim collected him, the elder more added.

At present, the victim is taking medical treatment from village quack doctors and as the Rohingya have no facility for treatment in government hospital.

Earlier, two days ago, the police of the Maung Nama out-post camp arrested two boys and tortured and extorted money, said another village elder from the locality preferring not to be named for the security reason.

Another relative of the victim said, “How does the police officer inhumanly torture to the school boy. He has not children like these boys.”

In really, the police or other government officials do not think that the Rohingy community is — as a human being, otherwise, they will not do such thing against the Rohingya people, said Anis, a businessman from Maungdaw Township.

“Government and local Rakhine community always see the Rohingya community as an enemy of them,” said  Harron, a student from the village.

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