High Level flag meeting for border security held at Bangladesh-Burma border

Naikonchari, Bangladesh: A Sector level flag meeting for border security between Burma and Bangladesh was held at Dusori nearby pillar No. 50 of Naikonchari upazila under the Bandarbon district, Bangladesh May 21, according to a BGB aide, who did not say his name.
highlevel-flag-meeting“The meeting especially discussed the border security issue which the Burma alleged to Bangladesh that unknown troops entered to Burma from Bangladesh and attacked the border guard police camps,” the aide said.

In the meeting, Col. Tin Ko Ko, the director, Burma border guard police headquarters of Maungdaw appraised that — a group of unknown troops entered Burma through the pillar No. 37, on May 13, and on May 17, through pillar Nos. 51-52 and attacked border guard police camps and also they fired at around 450- bullet, according to a BGB officer from the meeting.

The border guard police Battalion Chief also said, “If any group attacks Burmese security forces through Bangladesh border in future, flag meeting will not be held between two countries in future.”

BGB (Boarder Guard Bangladesh) Sector Commander Col. Khondkar Forid Hassan said, “Bangladesh doesn’t provide shelter to any insurgent group. If any group attacks again Burma from Bangladesh territory, BGB will joint in the operations to drive out the group, according to BGB sources.

But, according to local people from border, “We are not heard any gun firing on the border and how the Burmese border guard police chief alleged that there was fired on their police outpost camp.”

The Burmese authority exposed through their mouth pieces newspaper and TV channel that some unknown troops entered to Burma from Bangladesh and killed four border guard police. When asked at the border side of Bangladesh, security forces, local people and some reliable persons from the areas denied any attacked and gunfire at border.

When asked from Burma side border and Maungdaw, “a group of Mogh (Rakhine) party, may be ALP, in number 7, in disguise of RSO, attacked the police camp from pillar No.37 on May 13, at night. But, one died and four were arrested by Burmese border guard police with wounded. They have been taking medical treatment at Maungdaw general Hospital. But Government did not expose it. The Mogh party men with artificial brand went to inside to attack the camp. Their intention is to implicate the issue with RSO and they want to strength Arakan security forces such as— to deploy heavy guns and to bring Mogh group to Arakan to help the present security group from Kachin State.”

The flag meeting contentious issue of Burma-Bangladesh border as—give tight security, following troops, drug trafficking, to maintain good relation, illegal intrusion of Rohingya, smuggling goods and etc. and both sides also agreed to maintain peace and order on their respective borders and build friendly relations said an official from BGB.

However, Burma’s border police and BGB discussed other different issues of Burma-Bangladesh border at around two and half hours, according to sources.

14-member of BGB and 11- member of Burma’s border guard police were participated in the meeting.

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