Over 1173 Rohingyas arrested along the Burma-Bangladesh border

Cox’s Bazar: Bangladesh: The authorities of Bangladesh had arrested over 1173 Rohingyas in special drives along the Bangladesh-Burma border since 2014, according to official source from Cox’s Bazar.According to BGB official’s statement, Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) arrested Rohingya, 322 in January, 287 in February, 211 in March, 196 in April and 157 in May 20, 2014 after being conducted different operations along the border.

Most of Rohingyas come to Bangladesh from Burma after sectarian violence in 2012, the BGB statement said.

According to different sources, the Rohingya Muslims are being persecuted on different kinds- rape, killings, arbitrary arrest, torturing, extortion money, harassment and looting by the police, Hluntin (riot police), army along with Moghs (Rakhines).

On May 18,  A group of twenty four Rohingyas were arrested from Shapuri Dip under the Teknaf police station by BGB while they were entering the Bangladesh illegally, Amin, a local from Teknaf said.

In the group, eleven males, seven females and six children and they were crossing border – Naf River- with a row boat. Later, they were pushed back to Burma the same day, Amin said.

The government of Bangladesh made tight security along the Bangladesh-Burma border where huge number of Burmese citizens are living in different areas of the district. So, the Bangladesh government remain keeping the operation continue to search the Rohingya in the areas, said a security officer from the border who denied to be named.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Chief in Dhaka Stina Lgungdell said to the journalists in a press briefing that the Rohingya refugee from Bangladesh need time to repatriate officially to their homeland.

“The situation in their home land does not look likely that their repatriation would be possible until the inter-communal violence in northern Rakhine State which occurred since 2012, has been resolved,” the UNHCR chief.

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