High wheel tax collects in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Maungdaw wheel tax collection agent is collecting more high taxes from transport vehicles since he had appointed as a wheel tax collection agent, said Nasem, a vehicles owner from Maungdaw.
The municipal office called tender for wheel tax collection agent position to public every year, but U Kyaw Saw, an ex- Military Intelligence personnel of General Khin Nyunt group, is getting every time and link with all police and traffic police department and all officials from Maungdaw, Nasem said.

The wheel tax collection for Maungdaw are:-  18,000 kyat for a new motorbike from store buying and the person had to pay again 18,000kyat after three months  for one year,  1000 kyats  per day for truck, bus, car  and 7000kyat per month for cycle taxi. It is only for wheel taxes for running on the road. The owner has to pay more taxes or fees for license to traffic department, said Harron, a member of Maungdaw transport association.

The wheel taxes are not imposed to Rakhine owned vehicles as the wheel tax collector is a Rakhine community and he collected more taxes from Rohingya to cover the taxes of Rakhine and to profit as he had to pay money for tender to authority, Haroon said.

The wheel taxes of Maungdaw and Buthidaung are seen very different. In Buthidaung, the wheel taxes of motorbike is 4000kyat per year where Maungdaw tax collector is collecting 18,000kyat year and  200-300 kyats  per day for truck, bus, car in Buthidung where the tax collector is collecting 1000 kyat in Maungdaw. It is too much different Maungdaw and Buthidaung, both townships are in the same district, said Basu Meah, a driver from Maungdaw.

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