Truck accident kills one and more injure in Maungdaw north

Maungdaw, Arakan State: An accident of truck carrying bricks killed one and injured eight on May 17, at about 4:30pm, in front of Doe Tan mosque, Maungdaw north, said Hamid, an elder from the village.

All the injured persons and decreased person are hail from Kyein Chaung village. The four injured persons are critical condition and other four condition is just injured, Hamid said.

The truck was delivering the bricks to Anwar – businessman from Kyeing Chaung- which bring from Maungdaw and Noor Bashar, the driver is from Myoma Kyayoungdan village, said Amin, a village administration office member.

The accident was basic on the condition of the highway which is not systematically developed and the authority allow the heavy truck on undeveloped road, Amin said.
Abdul Rahaman son of Abul Alam, 17 was dead on the spot and other critical condition persons are;- Mohammed Johar, son of Amir Hussein, 15; Ibrahim, son of Sayed Hussein, 25; Zafar, son of Abul Huseein, Age 30 and Salimullah, son of Noor Mohammed,31, Amin said.

Later, the injured persons were sent to Kyein Chaung Hospital by commander of military battalion.

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