Checking of household family list and photograph will soon resume: Kyi San

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  The Maungdaw Township administration officer –Kyi San- expressed the program of household family list and Photograph for Rohingya will soon resume at bi-monthly meeting of village administration officers on May 16, said Mohamed Younous, an officer of village administration office.

“We will soon start the checking of household family lists and taking photograph same as before which Burma border security force –Nasaka- had done to Muslim community,” Kyi San told to the village administration officers at the meeting.

The Township administration officer was treating Rohingya community with pointing the old system which was most harassment and difficult for Rohingya community to fulfill where the Nasaka extorted money from every household family, said Halem, a Human Rights Watchdog from Maungdaw.

The most authority want to cooperate to process the census which Rohingya community denied for not permission to selves identity Rohingya in the census race column. The authority want to use the race Bengali first or no name for race in the column which Rohingya community refused. So, the authority are threaten the Rohingya with old system of Nasaka, Halim said.

There was no household family list checking and taking photograph frequently in Burma, but only used in Rohingya populated  areas and the authority didn’t checked other community in the same areas. So, we are not cooperated for checking household family list and taking photograph, said a prominent religious leader from Maungdaw, who deny to be named.

The authority keep us in suspicion with giving us temporarily identification card (White card) which is only used for a short time , but the authority used it for long time for us to make us under their control, the religious leader said.

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