Village administration officers forced to buy fire fighter uniforms

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The village administration officers under Maungdaw district forced the villagers who selected as a fire fighter to buy fire fighter uniform recently, said Halem, a Human Rights watchdog from Maungdaw.
10 persons from each village tract was selected as volunteer fire fighters in the village and the village administration officer from each village forced the fire fighters to buy the uniforms which cost 16,000 kyat, Halem said.

The volunteer fire fighters are poor and they struggle for their survival by working daily and not able to buy the uniforms, Hasu, an elder from Maungdaw.

Most of the fire fighters requested to their concerned village administration officer about their problem to buy, but the village administration forced them to buy it, Hasu more added.

Some village administration officers explained to the concerned officer at Maungdaw about the hardship position of fire fighters in the village to buy the uniforms. But, the concerned officer from Maungdaw pushed the officers to force them to buy or to pay the price of uniforms from their pockets, said Mohamedul Hasson, a village administration officer member from Maungdaw north.

The uniform is not a fireproof, it is just a uniform, how the concerned officer asked 16,000 kyat per uniform, it seen the officer harassed the poor Rohingya villagers and taking money from them with legal way, the member said.

The villagers who want to serve as volunteers are not willing to serve for forcing them to buy uniform cost 16,000kyat who had no money to feed their family, the member more added.

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