Army personnel still using Rohingya vehicles for transport

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  The army stationed at Maungdaw High School compound are still using Rohingya vehicles for their transport, said a vehicle owner who mention not to be named.
“The army battalion order the vehicles association to give them requisition vehicles for their use, even the army has their own vehicles for their use, said the owner.

The requisition of vehicles for army was made only from Rohingya community and not from other Mogh community in Maungdaw, the owner more added.

The association said they will give the vehicles to army as citizen of Burma, but need basic requirement for vehicles and its staffs. WE need full of required fuel which need to go anywhere and the foods for staffs- driver and staffs.

But, the army battalion gave fuel whenever they want and sometimes no, it is not fair and it is also violation of requisition process, said a member vehicles association.

“We are not complain, even the army will requisition from both community of Maungdaw. Now, it seen that we are not same as their religious and the army discriminated within two community.”

Rohingya community from Maungdaw lost their business since 2012 June when Rohingya genocide in Arakan. The Rohingya are trying to establish for their survival with hard work whatever they belong, said Anwer, a businessman.

“We are not able to do business within the Maungdaw as we are restricted to move one place to another place. If we move, we need to hold travel permission from concerned authority and security force extorted money from us on the way. How we survival like this conditions?,” Anwer said.

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