Living in panic-stricken position in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Rohingya villagers are now living in panic-stricken position  in Maungdaw township for fear of another clash between Rohingya and Rakhine communities, said a village elder Hussain from the locality.
“On April 30, at night, a group of Rakhine villagers, numbering 14, from nearby Buddhist village went to Kontha village of Nwah Yon Taung (Hor O dil) village track of Maungdaw north to catch or to find frogs for their food or meat without giving any information to the local villagers.”

At present, Rohingya villagers are on night sentry in every village after the Du Chee Yar Tan (Kilaidaung) village massacre to protect from Rakhine community who always try to attack Rohingya villages with arson attacks. As a result, the sentry men halted the Rakhine villagers who went to Rohingya village to catch seasonal frogs. But, the Rakhine villagers defied the order. So, the Rohingya villagers informed to the concerned authority, but the authority did not take any action, he more added.

As a result, Rohingya villagers followed them, what they were doing in the village. But, that day, they did not make anything against the Rohingya villagers. Regarding this, Rohingya villagers doubted that whether they really came for catching frogs or to create problem in the village.

Besides, recently, the police of Aung Mingala camp asked the villagers of Maung Nama village of Maungdaw Township to pay Kyat 500 per house to fence the camp. So, the police of the camp resume extortion or forced labor from Rohingya villagers while they have been facing acute financial crisis because of jobless and movement restriction, said Hashim ( not real name) from the locality.

In addition, recently, the deputy Administration officer of Maung Nama village went to another village by his motor bike after crossing theKyi Kan Pyin(Kawar Bill) border guard police Headquarters of Maungdaw Township. But, he was halted at the gate of Headquarters, and asked him to give them his national identity card. He did not give them his identity card because police and other authorities did not return ID card to the owner and destroyed it. They intend Rohingyas to become ID card less people in Arakan State. So he was forced to back though he is a village Administration officer, according to a relative of the victim.

In this way, the Rohingya community is discriminated by the concerned authorities in Arakan State, but the central government is mum knowingly, said a religious leader from Maungdaw Town.

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