No rights to protect own property in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Rohingya who tried to protect his own property –fishing pond- had to pay bond sign not to do next time to security force at Kyaw Pyin Seik (Nari Bill) on April 29, said Rashid, an elder from Maungdaw.
The Rohingya- Mohamed Syed, 25, Nurul Alam, 16, Hashim 16 and Zawla Mood 20 – all hailed from Kyaw Pyin Seik village , were working in the fishing pond as a guards and the fishing pond was owned by Abdul Salam, 53. The four Rohingyas were working in a drain pipe while two Rakhine from Natala (modern) village entered to fishing pond. One Rakhine name unknown tried to fishing in pond and another one sited inside the shack, Rashid said.

When the Rohingya guard stopped the Rakhine who tried to fishing and the Rakhine quarrel with verbal and he left the fishing pond, said the Rohingya guards.

The Rakhine who sited inside the shack ate some crabs which he grilled. The Rakhine who left the pond, brought police force with him to the fishing pond and asked the Rohingya for Rakhine who was sitting inside the shack. The Rakhine –sitting inside the shack- said he was eating crabs and there was nothings. But, the police arrested the four Rohingya and seized the tools which they were working drain pipe- one hammer, one saw and one short knife. They were brought to Maungnama school ground where the villagers round the police and asked what the matter is and happen, said Hasson, an elder from the village.

The Rakhine complained to the police post that four Rohingya attacked and killed a Rkhine in the fishing pond, but the found the Rakhine alive and eating crab in the fishing pond, said police personnel.

The police asked to the village admin office member to take the Rohingya to the Maungdaw police station, but the Rohingya asked why and for what case and rounded the police by villagers.

At last, the police asked to give a bond sign on the paper which mention that in future, no Rohingya stopped any citizen to fishing and to enter the fishing pond, said village admin office member.

This  show us, we Have no right to protect our own property, if any Mogh enter in our home and take any things we have no rights. Where is law and order and it is only for Rohingya? Hasson said.

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