Border guard police officer extorts 80,000 kyat from two transport vehicles

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The officer in charge of border guard police from Oo Daung outpost under Maungdaw south extorted 80,000 kyats from two Rohingyas’ transport vehicles on April 25 at about 7:30pm, according to a transport vehicle owner who deny to mention his name.The two heavy trucks belong to Rohingya carrying goods and passengers from Maungdaw to Oo Daung village on April 25. But the trucks arrived at Oo Daung outpost at 7:30pm. The officer in charge of the outpost accused the drivers why came on that time and what is inside the trucks, why carry passengers in the truck, the owner said.

There was no emergency Act 144 in Maungdaw during the time of its arrived, but the officer said it is late and the vehicles and the passengers must stay in the outpost for next day, said Hamid, a villager said.

There is other truck arrived after Rohingyas’ two trucks, but it was pass the outpost gate.  The truck was owned by Rakhine and there was no late for them. It is only for Rohingya, Hamid more said.

The officer always harass Rohingya community from these areas and extorting with false allegation – holding Bangladeshi mobile phone, border crossing, trafficking and etc.. The Rohingya community are trying not to face with him as he always asking someone who give him money once for his false allegation, said Abu Alam, from Alay Than Kyaw.

The transport association is worry for these kind of harassment for their vehicles, how they run their business, said Hasu, a business man from Maungdaw.

The association always following the order of Maungdaw authority, but when they complain to the concern authority about the harassment, the authority didn’t care of their complaint against security force, Hasu more added.

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