Truck crashes a Rohingya’s cow in Maungdaw north

Maungdaw, Arakan State: A truck drove and owned by Rakhine crashed a cow owned by Rohingya on April 6, at about 4:00pm, at   Thay Chaung Village under Maungdaw north while crossing the road, said Hakim from the locality.
“The legs of the cow were broken, but the owner got life of the cow. However, the truck driver Maung Maung( Rakhine), son of Maung Chey from Powet Chaung Natala village of Maungdaw Township ran away from the scene after the incident.”

A villager from the locality who saw the accident, said. “It is a deliberate attack to the cow as there is no car and any jam or roadblock on the road to occur such accident.”

The cow owner is Sidique Ahmed (65), son of Abdu Shukur, hailed from Thay Chaung ( Balu Khali) village under the Pawet Chaung village tract of Maungdaw Township, said a relative of the cow owner.

Regarding the matter, the owner accompanied by some leaders from the village went to the local concerned police camp and appraised the event, but till now, there is no action against the culprit, the relative more added.

Rakhine local people or authorities always want to disturb to Rohingya community to flee Arakan, said a local farmer on condition of anonymity.

Rakhine community wants to create problems, apparently relation to anger over the census methodology. The Rakhines and the government oppose to call and identify themselves as “Rohingya“ to Muslim group who are living in the areas and refer them as “Bengalis” which mean the Muslim group are illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, said a Rohingya politician from Maungdaw.

Enumerators or census collectors went to some households in Maungdaw Township, but they did not register any household that identified as Rohingyas, he added.

A villager said, “On April 2, some census officials came to our village, we, the community leaders told them, if you don’t allow us to fill in Rohingya, we will not join the census, which mean we are boycotted the census process.  But, they did not allow us to fill Rohingya in the race column.”

Many Rakhines fear, Government’s recognition of the Rohingya population would precede an eventual shift in Arakan State’s demographics that would threaten, said a businessman from Buthidaung Township.

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