More Army Battalions in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The Burmese government setup more Army Battalions in Maungdaw since the authority started the population of census in Maungdaw, Anwer, a politician from Maungdaw.
The Army Battalions setup in the areas of Maungdaw are;- Waythali  Natala village (3 miles), Myothugyi village, Myoma Kayoungdan High School compound, Myinn Hlut in Maungdaw south and Nga Kurah in Maungdaw north, the politician said.

“Each of the battalion station has 300-400 army personnel and they were well equipped.”
The Army Battalions are suddenly setup in Maungdaw and the local peoples – especially Rohingya community – become surprised and worried for more Human Rights violation in the areas, said Halim, a Human Rights Watchdog from Maungdaw.

The Battalions setup is good for Maungdaw local peoples, but the Rohingya will suffer more while the Army move from one place to another. The villagers must be faced to supply ration for them and females will face more difficult like other areas of Burma, raped by army personnel, Halim said.

“Human Rights violations will increase more while the Army moving for their routine of their operations.”

The Battalions is not for only census process security, but also the government may keep this battalion for long till government satisfied the areas safe, Halim said.

In Maungdaw district, Army personnel from Myoma Khayoungdan  High School compound, arrested 4 – Rakhine with firearms from Ward number 4, Maungdaw on April 3 at midnight, but the Rakhine were released on April 6 without any trial, said Bulu, a Teacher from Maungdaw.

Similarly, Army personnel from border police force area number 5, arrested 6 Rakhine with firearms in Mayu Mountain range on April 6 morning, when local firewood collectors saw 25 Rakhines with arms in the mountain. But, the arrested Rakhine were released after Phurwut Change village recommend that the Rakhines are from his village who went to mountain for searching frogs, Bulu said.

The reinforcement of Army are stationed in Maungdaw is for Rohingya community, not for Rakhine who are holding arms. The Army will harass the Rohingya community with allegation of Rohingya insurgents enter into Maungdaw, Bulu more added.

On the other hand, the Army station in Nyoung Chaung village, under Buthidaung, gang raped a 40 year Rohingya female for not getting her husband when the army personnel went to his home on April 6, at midnight, said Hasu, a trader from Buthidaung.

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